Monday, December 23, 2019

Coffee Chats: Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Monday Beautiful Readers!

Okay, bear with me. I'm changing the name of this series again!!!

I have to admit that consistency is not my best skill. I am all over the place with my mind of ten things all at once. My life is a run on sentence. This makes me a good writer, but not always the best organized.

Thankfully, I'm in luck. Stream of Consciousness is a writing style that suits me well. Basically, this means that the thoughts actions of the speaker are in a continuous flow. I thought this would work perfectly for a weekly series where I can talk to you like you are sitting across the table from me.

One of my favorite activities is to get coffee with a friend. I want to do that with you, especially this time of year, but you may live very far away from me. This series is my way to reach across the distance and connect with you the reader.

Happy Holidays!

I'm not sure if it is better or worse that all this change is happening around the holiday. I don't know what it is about this season that makes us think we need to have things more put together. We want the tree to be perfect, the dinner to look like it's out of a magazine and ourselves to be calm and cheerful just like the commercials.

My life is far from the latest issue of Better Homes and I like it that way. Life is a mess. Instead of stressing over that, I'm embracing it. Life is a beautiful mess.

I like that all this change is happening at this time of year because I turn very introspective. I want to be able create a balance to my workflow and my life. I'm able to setup my schedule and priorities for several aspects of my life at once, including my business.

Now I can celebrate!!! This week is a series of celestial events. No matter what you believe, this is a time to rejoice!

I love all of the lights strung up this time of year. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the sun is setting earlier and earlier. On the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, Seattle will see the sun set at 4:17 pm. That means darkness before most are even out of work. The lights celebrating good tidings, make me feel happy and a little less gloomy.

I look forward to spending time with my family this week.

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