Monday, December 9, 2019

Happy Monday! {December 9, 2019}

Good Morning Creators!

I've begun to do a ritual on Sunday night to lead into Monday morning. I want to begin sharing that with you in a weekly series called Monday Mornings with Amanda.

By setting myself up for the week, I am more prepared for what is to come. I know what the schedule for the week looks like so I can manage all I want to accomplish around what is already happening that week.

As a small business and a creator, my weekly schedule is always changing. There are a few constants. Yet, I am always amazed at home many meetings, appointments and engagements show up for myself, my business and my family.

We are also a homeschooling family, so we are always doing field trips and projects that need to be accounted for as well.

This practice is a way I combine all the aspects of my life together so I can see the bigger picture. I run a small business, but I am also a mom, wife and an individual. This means on top of any business goals, I also must maintain the house, make sure my kid has what she needs, spend time with my husband, run errands and also make sure that I take time for myself. When you feel good and fulfilled everything else is a little bit easier.

My basic structure for this weekly ritual goes like this:

  1. Victories!!! - It's important to take a moment and look over the past week and find a few things that went right. Write down something that you accomplished or that you felt really good about.
  2. Events - Lay out everything on my schedule that has a specific time or needs a large block of time to accomplish. 
  3. Priorities - Set aside the top 3 items you want to focus on. I know our to-do lists are a million miles long and never ending. By prioritizing the top 3 major items, you can focus on what is most important for this week. You will be surprised by how much can wait a week or get done during those in-between moments.
  4. What is coming up? - This is the section I set aside to process whatever is on my mind that week. One week I had surgery on my gums and it was all about how I was preparing for that and a recovery plan. One week it was some leftover inspiration from a conference I went to that I wanted to remember. This week it is about how I want to move forward after my novel "Leap of Faith" is released. It is whatever is on you mind that needs a little extra processing. When you write it down, it will get it off of your mind and help you see it from a different (usually more manageable) perspective.
  5. Spirit Guide - This last one section is completely optional or customizable. My personal beliefs my be very different from yours and that's okay!!! I like to use an oracle deck to draw an animal that guides me through the week. This helps to align my energy with what is going on during the week and helps me overcome those hard moments. You could also use a quote or a Bible verse in this section. The point is to have something inspiring that you can look back on a gain strength. 
This is the basic structure of how this series will flow. I want to share some of what I am going through and hope that it helps you in your own journey. The creative life is hard and often messy, but with check ins like this, we can keep going strong no matter what is flung our way.

Monday Mornings with Amanda will give me a chance to help you jump start your week. I want to send some positive energy your way. 

It will also allow me the opportunity to share what is going on in my life and my business. If I ever have any questions or want to know more about how I manage my crazy schedule feel free to email me or message me on Social Media - all the information is below or on my Website.

I like to put my notes into a visual journal. This gives me something to look at throughout the week and helps me visualize the week ahead. Here is my visual journal for this week...


This week I had a lot of victories. I am recovering smoothly from my gum surgery last week. My "Leap of Faith" ebook is available for pre-order. I set up orders for autographed copies of "Leap of Faith." I submitted my paperback version of "Leap of Faith" and it is awaiting approval. We also had family time and set up our Christmas Tree. I am most proud that I was able to stay strong and emotionally stable through my healing and publishing stress this week.

Every week is not this jam packed - trust me. Some weeks I am good to simply make it to the end with out breakdowns. What are your victories for last week? Let's celebrate together - the big and the small!


My Events this week are somewhere in the middle of busy. My daughter, Zo, has two commitments each week that I take her to - Viola on Mondays and Girl Scouts on Thursdays.

My book release on Tuesday is a big deal, but I don't have to be anywhere for it. That is acknowledged for the emotional factor and extra marketing tasks.

I'm looking forward to a day downtown on Wednesday. They always inspire me in my work and also give me a sense of inner strength and independence.

Zo has a viola recital this weekend that she is super nervous about, but I know she's going to do great because I've heard her practicing. This is the part where business and family collide. One thing different as creators is that we often don't punch a time clock. It can be hard to step away from business mode and be a supporter. Same as it can be hard to get in business mode because the laundry pile is staring you in the face.

The other big thing we are preparing for this week is my husband is going to be out of town for work next week. (The week before Christmas, right!?!) He's not very happy about the timing, but it must be done. It will be just Zo and I for an entire week. (There are going to be so many Christmas movie marathons!)

Do you have any plans that are out of the ordinary this week? With the holidays quickly approaching I know it is the season to try to be everywhere at once. You can share these, but don't feel any pressure. Think about you week and acknowledge where you will need some extra time for rest or motivation to keep going. Put a plan in place beforehand and then it will pick you up at just the right time.

Do not feel guilt for resting or saying no to that extra commitment. This is the time of year meant for rest, turning inward and feeling cozy.


Some weeks I make this very specific things. This week I divided my priorities into categories: Work, Self-care and Family. I am coming off a power week, so this week I will be taking things a little easier.

For work I'm focusing on details surrounding my book release. This is a huge deal and has a lot of emotions coming up. I am taking this one step at a time to make sure no problems arise and create a marketing campaign around my book. Part of that is maintaining social media. My other task is to create a mission statement for my business so I can move forward confidently with purpose.

Self-care is very important to me. I was forced to rest a lot last week. I surprised myself with how much I could accomplish in small spurts. I'm going to try and continue that in an effort to balance work and life. This week I am still in recovery. I want to be back at it, but I still get tired very easily and I am on a very restricted diet. I need to make sure I am listening to my body so I can recover fully.

Family time will be very important this week since my partner will be gone next week. We want to take advantage of the holiday atmosphere and watch lots of Christmas movies. We also love doing crafts and painting. This will be a special week to enjoy each other and get into the Christmas spirit of love and joy.

Take time to figure out what your priorities are. By doing this, you can decide what needs your time and what is simply distraction. The things you act on are the ones that will move forward. Make sure you are using your time on things you want to manifest.

What is coming up?

This week what is coming up for me is what do I focus on after my book release. I have a lot of ideas for my business and myself as an author and encourager.

I want to define my mission statement so I can add it to a newsletter I'm creating. I want to share what I'm working on, creative ideas and showcase other creators. I'm hoping to get the first one out before the end of the year and then send them out monthly.

One of my big points is this right here. I've been thinking about this for a while and I want to make it happen. I would love to start a podcast or YouTube channel with this on it as well. I love the idea of a weekly check in. My style is stream of consciousness where I talk about things as they come up. I love planning, but I'm usually more passionate about what is happening right now. My goal is to set up two weekly releases: Monday Mornings with Amanda and Thoughtful Thursdays with Amanda. Mondays will follow this format and Thursdays will highlight a particular tool set, emotion or practice that I am encountering that week. I hope to create a backlog of all sorts of topics over time.

I'm always working on my social media platforms. (Who understands Facebook's interface? Please help!) I'm also trying to update my website to be full of content and easily accessible. It's currently still a work in progress.

What is coming up for you? Again, you can share or just think about it. When you acknowledge that thing that your mind is working on and write it down, you can usually see it from a different perspective. If you ever want to brainstorm write in the comments or message me on social media!

Spirit Guide

This part really helps me because I need something to think about that isn't only the work to be done. I use this The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck and Guidebook to focus on the traits of an animal to help me focus throughout the week.

This week I drew a crocodile. (This is the second week I've drawn this card!) It's perfect though. It is all about waiting, recharging, gaining energy and strength. I need this right now as I recover from my surgery. I need remember this and not put guilt on myself for resting. I must be patient, healing takes time. This is not wasted time though, it is time to observe and build energy so my next move comes from power and wisdom.

In this section you can use any sort of motivation that inspires you. If you have a Bible verse or quote that speaks to your week, that is perfect! Artwork or comics that are meaningful are perfect! This is  all about making the process work for you.

Share your motivation! Maybe it will motivate someone else. You can add it in the comments or tag #balancingtreepresslive in social media.

This is my preparation for the week. I've been doing a visual journal practice for several weeks now and notice a huge difference in my mentality throughout the week. Anytime I wonder what I need to focus on, I can look back and know what I can do next.

I hope that this practice in some way helps you. I would love to hear about your victories and motivations. Have a wonderful week!

Peace and Love,

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