Monday, December 16, 2019

Monday Coffee: 3 Ways to Simplify the Holiday Madness

Happy Monday Creators!

It's the week before Christmas! Are you celebrating or stressing this week?

The Holidays bring about a season of joy and cheer. Then why are we always at our wits end? This year I challenge you to slow down and enjoy the moment you are in. Keep things simple.

Instead of trying to go to every event or be the best elf. Relax. Don't be so hard on yourself. Enjoy time with your family and let all of the "shoulds" go.

This is easy to say, but how do you put simplifying your holiday into practice?

Here's 3 Ways to Simplify the Holiday Madness

1 - It's okay to say "no"

I know how it goes. It's the season of giving. Your kids have school parties, you have a work party, maybe a recital, your community center needs volunteers, you are expected to travel to see family maybe even make a pie before you go. You are left exhausted and you still have to wrap presents and stuff stockings.

Breathe. You do not have to do it all. Look at your plans objectively and find what you can take off your plate. Ask for help. Choose a couple parties and decline the rest. Accept the invitation, but ask if it is okay if you don't bring anything or something you can pick up from the store.

2 - Give experiences instead of gifts

My friend told me how she and her husband are taking their son to the mountains to ski instead of putting a bunch of gifts under the tree. I thought this was a great idea! After a busy season with rambunctious kids, a chance to get out of the house seems like a perfect idea. This also takes the pressure off finding the "perfect" gift or a lot of time wrapping.

Spend the season with some quality family time.

3 - Do something special for you

This is the time of giving. However, you cannot give from an empty cup. Take some time for yourself. Ask for help. Especially if you have small kids, you need to give yourself a break to breathe.

Read a book or take a bubble bath (or both). Wake up early and enjoy your coffee before the house wakes up. Take a walk and get some fresh air. Make an appointment to pamper yourself. I find a hair cut is a perfect pick me up. Whatever you do to make yourself feel great, make time to do that this week.

What's going on with Balancing Tree Press this week?

I'm taking the next three weeks to set goals and build a foundation for smooth workflow for the new year. I aim to be intentional with my priorities so I can accomplish more without becoming overwhelmed.

I am also taking some time during our Holiday break to declutter my physical and mental space. I'm not sure what it is about this season. Maybe it is because we are in the house more or because I am in a mental state to let go, but this is when I get my cleaning done. I am going to begin going through each room to deep clean including letting go of items that no longer serve us. I also do this during my meditation to let go of habits and stories that are holding me back.

This idea of letting go leads right into my final priority for the week. I want to spend some time reflecting over the last year and decade and set intentions for the upcoming ones. I ask myself: What have I learned? How have I grown? What do I want to move forward on and make a priority in the new year?

What's going on with you this week?

My goal with this "Monday Coffee" series is to begin a conversation. I want to share, but I also want to hear from you! What's going on with you this week? How are you handling the holiday madness this year? What do you enjoy doing to fulfill yourself?

This week's mantra:

I am strong. I am capable. I am enough. I am loved. 
I will decide. I create my future. I lay down the foundation for the upcoming year.
I walk forward in confidence. I trust myself.

Peace and Love,

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