Monday, January 6, 2020

10 Ideas to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

It is the first full week of the new year. It is time to get back into my rhythm. I get so excited about making plans that I sometimes have trouble getting started.

When I'm feeling overwhelmed or stagnant, I turn to several different activities to get my creative juices going. Once I get my brain started, it is easier to focus on my craft.

10 Ideas to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

1.  Do a puzzle

I love the process of a puzzle. I start with an outline and begin filling in the pieces. There is something meditative about it and I learn to see how pieces fit together.

2.  Journal

When I write out my thoughts, they are no longer stuck in my head. I can reframe circumstances and look at a situation with a different perspective. I also use this to remind myself that I am enough and I can listen to my body without judgment or guilt. Gratitude is a part of my daily journaling. Being thankful for at least three things during the day helps me remember that there is good in every thing, even if it is a lesson.

3.  Listen to a podcast, concert or TED Talk

I am inspired by ideas and music. These are all different options of the same base. I want to receive something intriguing.

4. Yoga

My practice helps keep me flexible and mobile. Especially during these winter months, I am often stiff and sore. Yoga helps me to stay aligned and find comfort in the discomfort.

5. Cook or bake something 

My love for being in the kitchen has increased since the weather turned cold. I want to cook more this year and eat fresh ingredients. Spending time prepping and cooking food is a way for me to take control over what I am putting in my body so I can feel good. This time has turned into a meditative practice and helps me move more intentionally.

6.  Read

I did myself a disservice last year by not reading very much. I realized at the end of this year how much I missed getting lost in a good book. I like fiction, romance, non fiction, science, fantasy and more. They all motivate me in different ways. The point of the exercise is to get out of my own head. Possibly live in a different world for a while or help me understand this one.

7. Create (Paint, Draw, Write, Sculpt, Doodle, ...)

I'm learning how to create a visual component to my ideas. By finding a way to show what I'm contemplating, I am finding a greater power in my thoughts because more of them are becoming actions. One of the most frustrating things is when you have an idea, but can't quite find it's shape to start implementing it. Creating in any of these ways helps me identify my vision so I can bring it into reality.

8. Self-Care

This is all about the little things. Eat, Move and Talk like you like yourself. It means giving yourself confidence to connect and do your craft. It means taking time to do these habits to get your creative juices going. Set up those hair, doctor and dentist appointment. Be mindful of where your thoughts, time and attention goes. When you take care of yourself, you can take better care of others and keep going with less resistance.

9. Color (and/or play Solitaire)

I have found that coloring helps me with my indecisiveness. When choosing colors or patterns, it is all about making a decision based on what you have. Sometimes that changes and you can adjust. If a page doesn't come out well, you can easily make different choices on the next one without any consequence. This helps me also see patterns and look a couple steps ahead. Solitaire has a similar effect for me.

10.  Take a walk

Fresh air does wonders for the soul. It helps rejuvenate and breath with ease. Taking a walk outside can stimulate the senses. It's not always easy to do this during the cold season, but even visiting a coffee shop or walking around a book store can jump start your brain. Getting out of the house and experiencing new places is a great way to be inspired and find focus.


The new year is a time of great mental energy and not always a lot of physical stimulation. I imagine others have a different experience, but this is what I face every January. By including even just one or two of these practices in your week, you will see an increase to your creating stimulus.

Welcome 2020! Now let's get started creating.

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