Monday, January 20, 2020

Are You In Your Own Way?

When I first started my business, I was taking a huge leap out of my comfort zone. At first I told myself I couldn't do it. Creating a business was too big. I didn't know how to run a company.

It took some time and reflection to figure out what was stopping me. Turns out the only thing stopping me was me. I was getting in my own way.

The language I used when I talked to myself was defeated. In my mind I had failed even though I hadn't even tried yet.

Finally, I decided I wanted to create my own company more than I wanted to stay in my comfort zone. I was tired of living trapped by my fear. I was ready to start removing barriers.

Making the decision to get out of my own way was hard. Now I had to figure out how to actually do that.

Three Methods to Get Out of Your Own Way:

1. Show your skills and education

I focused on the skills and education I had. Instead of doubting my ability, I laid out everything I had done and learned so far. Once I began collecting my accomplishments, I realized I had done more than I thought. This helped push me forward to do even more.

2. Let your passion drive you

At first, I let my lack of knowledge stop me. The passion to make something happen is more important than what we know. When you know what you want, you can find out how to get it. You do not have to wait until you have all the answers to move forward. In fact, don't wait or you'll never get started!

3. Remove barriers

Step forward with your passion and learn as you go. Remove the barrier of self-doubt and you will find yourself going much further.

Are you in your own way? It's time to move forward. Show your skills and education. Let your passion drive you. Remove your barriers. Step eagerly into your ambition and embrace your story.

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