Thursday, March 5, 2020

Create the Life You Want

The past couple of weeks have been crazy and hectic. If you have ever moved, then you understand.

My family has decided to make a big change. We have moved into an RV with the intention to explore this beautiful world we live in. We want to spend more time creating, see new places and spend more time in nature. Our RV, which we have dubbed our "Moving Castle," is the vehicle we will use to create our own path and seek our desires of the heart.

Even though it feels a little crazy - we are doing this! I am excited about where our choice will lead. I look forward to new connections and exploring the places we always talk about seeing. Now we can make our dreams a reality.

What have you been talking about doing but haven't done? Do you have a dream that feels "crazy" or too big? I encourage you to look at it again. Take a new perspective and find out what about it you find so fascinating. How can you take small steps to make it happen? How can you change something in your everyday routine to feel a little closer to your dream?

The solution doesn't have to mean putting all of your belongings into a 31' motorhome. Though it could. It worked for us. It can be as easy as planning a weekly outing to a coffee shop to write. You can go for a walk and breath in the almost spring air. You can take a few minutes to yourself in the morning to really enjoy your cup of coffee. You can stop being so hard on yourself for not getting everything done that you "should." (I'm still working on that one myself.)

There are lots of big and small ways to create the life you want. The point is to be clear on what you want and then find small ways you can make it a reality.

Hi from our new home, "Fam's Moving Castle"

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