Friday, May 22, 2020

Emotional Health Makes Way for Creation

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My creative struggles are less to do with the technicalities of writing and more to do with my mental and emotional state. As an author and publisher, I need harmony to concentrate. If I feel confused or anxious, I’m not going to be creative. I have to first figure out how to create peace within myslef before I can work. When I feel good, the words flow freely and joyfully.

A simple search will reveal endless articles, YouTube videos and books about how to write and publish. I want to ask a different question. What’s stopping you from creating?

Try this with me. Get into a comfortable position and take a deep breath in. Hold it there for a few seconds, filling up the space inside of you. Now let it out. Allow your body to completely relax, letting the tension out with your breath. In that moment of release, where does your mind go?

Does your mind go to a task? Maybe you are trying to remember that one last item you need from the store, but forgot to write down. Does it go to a person? Maybe someone you are worried about or who said something that bothered you. Do you question how you are going to finish a novel when you can’t even get through the opening scene?

Wherever your mind goes, let it, just for that moment and observe. Without judgement, what is coming up?

There are thousands of places your mind will go and it is always changing. When we find stillness and worry, frustration or task items come up, there is no room for creativity. The key to writer’s block and many other creative struggles lie in your mind. When you can see those emotional blocks for what they are, you can push through them and open up space for inspiration and creativity.

Writing, especially creative writing, is extremely personal work. You are taking a part of yourself and sharing it with the world. When you are fearful, stressed or distracted, your work suffers. When you can step back and understand where your mind is, you can find harmony within yourself and that is where the creative spirit shines.

Only once I began to unlock my emotional struggles did I realize why I was so blocked in my work. In the end, it came down to fear and my own self-imposed limitations. It took a lot of “soul work” to unblock them. As I learned to manage my emotional state, I moved forward in my work a little bit at a time until I completed my novel and published it last year.

I established a practice to help me continue this work and create consistent harmony within myself as I work on my second novel.

My message is about more than the structure of writing. I want to share how to balance your emotional energy to make space to create. I know there is someone out there a lot like me trying to accomplish a creative goal, but continually feel like you are hitting a wall. I want to help you remove that wall by learning how to focus on how to manage your emotions. When you feel good, your creative work will flow more freely.

Sending you peace and love!

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