Friday, June 19, 2020

Balancing Tree Burrow - The Newsletter Origin

When we were still staying in Seattle, we would go on evening walks along a bike path that followed the Green River. On our journey we saw so many bunnies. They lived in a huge row of briar patches along the side of the river. Almost every night there were bunnies along the path just before the sun went down. At first they were mesmerizing. They remained so, but as we became more familiar with them (and I like to think them with us), we began to give them stories.

It seemed like we saw the same bunnies night after night, so we started giving them names and personalities. Thumper lives at End Row, always tucked just inside the bushes. Merida, the brave scout who escorts us, lives on Sawdust Hill. As we walked further, we would give each section of the road a different community. Past Sawdust Hill came Over the Road, then the Distant Lands. 

Eventually we walked far enough that we past into Duck territory. They were must less interested in being featured in our stories because they had no consistency. However, we imagined the boundaries between the bunnies and duck was a firm, yet invisible line.

Creating these stories was fun as we walked and felt natural. I wondered if this was how Peter Rabbit or Winnie the Pooh began. In many ways, these tales were like bedtime stories. Past authors had written them down and developed entire worlds out of nature and their imagination. 

It has been almost two months since we left the briar patches beside the Green River, but I still think of those tales with fondness. Maybe one day I will write their tales and create a new bunny tales. 

Perhaps it was a simple thought exercise to entertain us on our walks. These bunnies were the inspiration for my Newsletter Community, Balancing Tree Burrow. A burrow is a dwelling, but also a place of refuge. It is exactly what I want in a creative community - writers, artists and entrepreneurs sharing their work and struggles so that we can encourage, challenge and inspire each other. It is within a community that we can really begin to find our way. 

Though I will not be writing Briar Bunny stories anytime soon, I want to share the revelation because it empathizes that ideas can come from anywhere. Nothing is wasted. I may come around to this concept again or I may simply be thankful that it inspired my own creative community. 

My newsletter is published every Friday. If you want to join the Balancing Tree Burrow and get writing tips, strategies to manage emotional health, journal questions and more sign up HERE. I am excited to see where this will take me, but for now I am building slow and would love for you to join me on the journey of self-discovery. 

How far can you go? You will only know if you begin.

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