Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Cast Out Perfectionism!

I originally thought my creative blocks were coming from a lack of project management. I spent months trying to find the "perfect" way to plan my project so I could know what needed to happen next without such a long build up each time I sat down to work. 

Turns out, this was not the root cause.

I became better at planning my work, but I would reach a certain point and decide I needed a new method because "I wasn't getting anywhere." 

I wasn't getting anywhere because I had a fear of putting myself out there, not because I wasn't organized.

The project planning became a distraction for my resistance. 

My trouble was not my method, it was perfectionism. 

I would decide that this method wasn't good enough and begin over with a new draft. Funny thing, that new draft looked a lot like the old draft. The planning was working just fine, what I needed was to unblock my emotional barrier.

Life is not perfect. There is so much cultivated messaging in the world that I am beginning to realize I don't want to be perfect. 

My bar of perfectionism is keeping me from sharing my message. I am ready to break through this barrier and let you see the perfectly imperfect me. I am chaotic within my structure, I like to go where the wind takes me and I like to create. 

Once I can remove this emotional block of resistance, I can make true steps toward my goal of connecting. 

I'm ready to stop overthinking the process and look in the direction I want to go. 

My vision is to connect, share my journey and support you in your creative projects. 

I am moving forward with this dream in the form of a membership model called Patreon. This is a well established site that allows me to share benefits with you as you support my work. 

I am currently working on building a community, Balancing Tree Burrow, for creators to have a safe place to share creative blocks, be encouraged by other artists and celebrate victories. 

Access to this community and a weekly newsletter full of stories, journal questions, guided meditations, emotional tools, and more, is available for any support amount starting at only $3. That's less than a cup of coffee!

Though it is not perfect, I am well on my way. 

Are you ready to break through your creative blocks?

Community is the best way to ignite your creativity and cultivate your confidence. Join Balancing Tree Burrow today!


Become a part of Balancing Tree Burrow, a creative community dedicated to emotional stability and connection, by supporting Balancing Tree Press on Patreon. Access bonus content, receive a weekly newsletter. You can also get extended emotional season guidebooks and a one on one brainstorming chat with Amanda. 

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