Sunday, June 14, 2020

How I Manage My Emotional Health

To manage my anxiety, I have a regular meditation and journaling practice. I call these routines "Soul Work" because they help me get to the source of my emotional energy.

I am able to handle emotional triggers smoother because I connect my neurological pathways consistently to a place of calm. This allows me to find perspective quicker so I can see solutions instead of being overwhelmed by my circumstances.

This process takes time to develop and still sometimes break down. That is why I call it "work." It is an effort to connect and understand the emotional part of my human experience.

The product of my Soul Work is the ability to cope with my anxiety, depression and emotional triggers, while still maintaining my ability to function in both a routine daily capacity and toward higher goals in my creative endeavors.

I will begin to share my meditation practice in this space by highlighting upcoming meditations for the next week. These are guides meant to inspire your own method to gain clarity. Be empowered to change them to fit you personal

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