Friday, June 26, 2020

Idealizing Others Means Doubt at Play

Did you know that idealizing other's work is a freeze state connected to doubt? When you doubt your own work, you are barred by an emotional barrier, not a creative one. 

The difference is subtle, but important to break through this barrier. 

Begin by remembering past victories. What is something you have accomplished or really enjoyed about your own work? 

Next, look at what you can learn instead of what you don't know. This growth mindset sets the stage for expansion and avoids limiting beliefs.

Looking at other's work for inspiration is part of the process for creation. However, don't put yourself down and doubt your own ability in the process. Keep your curiosity and explore how you can make the ideas your own and learn new skills.  

You must do the work and trust in your unique creative experience. A good friend of mine, graphic designer Danielle Atkisson, always says, "stay in your lane." She is so right. 

We cannot see the invisible struggles of others. We are too occupied balancing our own.

Don't wish your story to be different. Honor who you are right now. 

Embrace your story!

Life is complex and we are all on a journey full of tribulation and victories. Do not limit yourself, instead be boundless and infinite in your exploration.

Take a deep breath and ask yourself - what is grabbing my attention right now? Focus on that. Process it. Take one step forward. 

Now you can look forward toward where you want to go next. You can make a change. Let your message come from within, not from trying to mimic someone "more successful." 

Release doubt and move forward in curious exploration to ignite your creativity.

Believe in yourself!

Peace and Love, 


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