Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Mid-June Energy 2020 - Plug in Consciously

After doing my Mid-June meditation, I want to share what came up. This is a personal practice, and no I don't share everything. However, there are often aspects of my meditation that are general feelings about what is going on in the world or a concept that could help you in your life. 

When I tapped into this mid-June energy, I heard one word loud and clear...


I thought about how I am trying to share my thoughts and plug into the collective consciousness more and was surprised. 

Sitting with the word "unplug" some more, I realized that it it wasn't suggesting to be completely unplugged. I've already had that experience this year when I went without reliable Internet for almost two months. (Here's my response to that ordeal: "Are We Addicted to the Internet?")

Author and social media consultant, Katie Brockhurst, compares social media news feeds to the town square. This is where you go to soak up the energy of the community, to get news and share your own voice.

I love this concept because it is easier for me to distinguish the action of going to the town square as apposed to me sitting at home in my own space getting overloaded with energy and information. I have to make a choice to go and prepare myself for the influx of ideas and energy. 

As an empath, I have to be very conscious with my energy so I don't get overwhelmed. This reminder to unplug is the solution to overcome this wave of emotion from the Internet. And let's be honest, it's a pretty big wave right now.

It's important to be connected, to know what is going on in the world around you and to share your voice. However, it is also important to live your own life, to have moments of stillness and rejuvenation, and moments shared only with the ones closest to you. 

These meditations are the renewal I need to keep myself running smoothly. Opportunity to journal and consider my own mind are the exact self-care I need to keep working without getting in my own way. 

Unplug! Take time for yourself. Be entirely in the moment in front of you. Breathe. Challenge yourself. Take care of yourself. Rest. Meditate.

Then plug back in - consciously. 

This allows you to be fully in that collective space and act mindfully instead of being distracted or mindlessly scrolling. We are stronger together, let's share empathy and lift each other up. 

Then unplug and rest again. 

It's a cycle that never ends, but you are in the driver's seat. Navigate social media in a sustainable way to keep emotional stability. 

Sending you peace and love,


Thank you for this space to share my energy. 

You can do you own mid-June Meditation - Journal Questions

Read Katie Brockhurst's new book, 
Social Media For A New Age: A Digital Self-Care Guide: Book 2: The next phase: 2020 and beyond

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