Saturday, June 20, 2020

Summer Solstice 2020

Hello Summer! Saturday marks the Summer Solstice. The sun sits in its peak position creating the longest day of the year. 

I love sitting by a campfire on a summer night. I learned how to tend a fire as a kid in Girl Scouts. It needs fuel, air and a spark. I remember learning how to stack the wood so the air can flow through and how to ignite the flame.

Each of us has a fire within us. This inner fire is fierce and powerful. Just as you learn to tend a campfire, you can also learn how to maintain your inner fire.

Structure your mind so creativity can flow through it. I do this with regular meditation. I acknowledge what comes up in the moments when my mind is quiet. What is blocking my way? I sit with that feeling and decide whether I need to act on it or plan for it. Then I let it go.

When your inner fire burns freely, your creativity will Ignite. During the expansive energy of summer, let the flame roar to life. 

The Summer Solstice is the season of fire. The fire element casts extroverted energy - the urge to go and do. This is prime creative energy! Let the expansive drive of nature fuel you.

The Summer Solstice brings lots of expansive energy. Journaling is my way to collect that fuel and set my course for the season.

The following journal questions will guide you to take a few moments to look back over the last few months, take stock of the present moment and look forward to the next few months to direct the energy to serve you. Acknowledge any emotional blocks in your path so you can process them to make space for creativity. 

Get comfortable when you have a few moments to yourself and begin with a deep breath. As you go through these journal questions don't think to much, let whatever comes to mind be the answer. There is no right or wrong in this process, it is meant as a guide to move through your emotions, let your mind release any built up tension, and set a course to direct you.

Summer Solstice Journal Questions:

1. Looking back over the last three months, what are some peak experiences? What did you celebrate? What did you overcome? 

2. Acknowledge what is going on in your life right now. What have you been too busy or preoccupied to appreciate? How can you make room for play in your day?

3. Looking forward, what do you want to manifest in the next three months? What one goal is most important to you?

4. What inner and outer obstacles might stand in the way of your goal? What resources can you activate to embrace and push through the barrier?

Afterwards, take time to reflect on what came up. Set your intentions for the season and place them somewhere you will look at them periodically. Let the summer energy charge you to make the most of this active season.

Remember to set time aside during this active energy season to rest and recharge.

Peace and Love,

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