Sunday, June 14, 2020

Weekly Meditation {6/14/20}

The stillness of the campfire helps me slow down and process. 

I want to collaborate more and share my voice. This brings up a fear that I'm not good enough. My anxiety begins to increase. But then I realize... If I don't connect and reach out, I will continue to sit on my ideas. I'm ready with a growth mindset to learn through experience.

Having a process helps quiet my anxiety. First, I get clear on what I want to do. I lay out all my ideas on the table. I sort through them and move them forward or let them go. I pick one to work on at a time. I don't want to keep looking back about what I missed, instead keep my eyes on what I am trying to do. 

The more things I finish, the more I grow my confidence and do even more. On the other side, I have to spend the same amount of energy being still so I can sort through all that's going on and decide how I feel about it so I can make a choice and act on it.

That is what I'm doing today. I'm going through notes from the week and meditating on what's happening next week. I can now prepare my mind and decide how next week will feel. Sometimes it's routine and sometimes it get exciting with activity.

I do this by first writing victories from last week. Something I accomplished or a good feeling / event. Then I write down any out-of-routine activities or emotions that come up. Then I write down 3 priorities - what I want to focus on and what I can realistically accomplish in a week. I finish with creating a theme or mantra to look back on throughout the week.

Here's an example of the weekly meditation I do to help me prep for the week ahead and process through any anxiety. I work well with a plan. I can be flexible within it and still get everything done.

I start my practice with a look at the past week. Did it go well? How do I feel at the end of it. What was something that went right? What was something I overcame or shifted to be positive?

Next, I focus on what is happening next. Things out of ordinary routine (and sometimes the routine itself). This gives me a schedule to work with. Then I add time for projects and meditations.

Next, I make priorities of what I want those projects and meditations to look like. Figure out what I can do in a week, also accounting for time to rest and explore, and make a big list.

Then I create a theme, a mantra to look back on for inspiration and to stay focused.

Going through this process every week helps me make myself a priority and know what to do in the moment to create productive momentum. This is how I'm getting my projects done and keeping emotional stability in the process.

What's coming up for you this week? What are you prioritizing for next week?

Sending you peace and love!

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