Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Writing Tip #3 - Embrace Unexpected Inspirations

Embrace Unexpected Inspirations

Inspiration often comes at the most inconvenient times when you least expect it. Sometimes it is a passing thought that gets you excited or seemingly random connections between things. I am often inspired by a road name as I travel or an aimless phrase spoken by a stranger.

These ideas can be passing thoughts, but they can also turn into the basis of poems, essays and books.

Have you ever had the best idea while in the shower or driving? I can’t always write them down right away. That’s okay! I find that the thoughts that may grow into more will stay with you. Embrace those moments of enlightenment. You do not have to hold them, but sit with them and see what they have to say.

This is a part of the creative life that can be overwhelming and hard to manage. However, if you embrace those little moments of inspiration, they can fuel your work forever. You have a wellspring of inspiration inside of you. Those little moments happen all the time, usually when you are doing something else, let them come and fill you up.


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