Monday, July 6, 2020

How Can You Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone?

Your comfort zone is both a blessing and a curse. Our minds like to keep us safe. However, that safety can also feel very much like being stuck. 

Instead of gritting your teeth and forcing yourself to do something uncomfortable, try taking small steps.

1. Meditate
Take some quiet time to meditate or think about what you want to accomplish. Allow space for creative ideas to bubble up.

2. Go Outside. 
This can look different depending on where you are. It could mean a multi-mile hike, a walk through a park, sitting on your porch or opening a window to let some fresh air breeze through. Connecting with nature grounds you to the rhythms of the earth. This can open your mind to new possibilities as it comforts your soul to feel connected to the land that sustains you.

3. Laugh and play
I find when I get going on something, I get too serious. When I begin to snap for no reason, I know I need to lighten up and play. Laughter releases endorphins, which offers us relief from pressure. We put pressure on ourselves to do it "right," but this perfectionism often stops us from doing it at all. Laugh at yourself and make time to play.

4. Do Something "Just Because"
Our time is valuable and there is never enough of it. Taking time to do something just because you want to is a boost in self-worth. Put priority on yourself and your desires. You are worth the time and effort. This also allows you to relax and make space for creativity.

5. Try something new
What sparks your interest right now? What can you learn or do to help you grow? No pressure. Come from a perspective of curiosity. This is your first step out of your comfort zone.

Connecting mind body and soul through these exercises will allow you to move forward from a place of confidence and open up doors to explore. Give yourself a safe place to create from and spark new ideas.

Peace and Love, 


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