Monday, July 20, 2020

New Moon July 2020

The moon cycle is a brilliant way to process energy and materialize goals.

As the new moon energy rises, take time to reflect on the past month and consider what worked and what didn’t. Release anything that is not serving your highest mission as you decide what intentions to set for the next moon cycle.

New moon energy provides time to renew and regenerate your energy.

The new moon is the time to create goals and start new projects. Brainstorm and expand on new ideas and define your creative ambition. As the moon orbits the earth our energy builds, we collect information and take the first steps toward our goal.

Spend some time reflecting on what is working and what needs to be improved. What emotional patterns or habits are holding you back from revealing your true self? This is the perfect opportunity to make a change. Accept what is no longer serving your purpose and release what is standing in your way.

July’s New Moon facilitates us to increase our confidence in our voice, vision and creative expression.

Voice - the sound produced through the mouth, the power of speaking, an instrument or medium of expression, a choice or opinion openly expressed.

Our voice is both how we speak and what we express.

What are you hesitant to express? Do you shy away from sharing your creative work?

When we hesitate to share our art we are limiting ourselves and restricting our calling. Others need to receive our creative expression as much as we need to produce it.

The expansive, summer energy propels us to act. For creative people, this means producing lots of work or wishing we were. Our craft is very personal to us. It makes us feel vulnerable to share it. Rejection of our art feels like a rejection of self.

Any type of rejection hurts, but it also helps us grow. Any time we fail, we have an opportunity to learn. A growth mindset transforms those setbacks into a compulsion to improve. Criticism gives us direction to refine our craft.

As we strengthen our voice and cultivate confidence in our craft, we will transform our lives and reach toward our higher Self. Take some time this New Moon and meditate on your voice. How can your define your vision and share your creative expression more freely?

New Moon Journal Questions
  1. What is the theme for this month? 
  2. Where do I need to focus? 
  3. In what ways have I seen personal growth? 
  4. What magic can I tap into? Reflect. Set Intentions. Where do I need to be mindful?

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