Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Writing Tip #4 - It's Okay To Be General First

It's okay to be general before you add details

It happens more than I like to admit that a scene doesn’t all come to me at once. Oftentimes, the scene unfolds in several sittings. Instead of waiting for the details to come, I write down the general actions first. I know this content will not go into my novel, but it keeps my flow moving and becomes a placeholder for the scene.

Many of my scenes start out with a series of actions, almost like stage directions. For example, my opening scene in Playing House started out like this:

Mack and Brady meet Selena at the pool. Mack goes to the bathroom and Brady scrapes his arm. Selena helps him. Mack recognizes her because he really likes her car. Selena and Brady get along really well. Selena has a big family and is good with kids. 

It seems simple, but it created the structure for the rest of the scene to unfold. The important thing is to not get bogged down in the details so you can keep moving.

You can read what this meager beginning became HERE.

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