Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Creative Confidence = Self-Worth

Cultivating confidence has been a big theme this year. When I am feeling good, confidences comes easy. However, it is fragile. Any little bump in the road cracks it. Then I have to start all over again, convincing myself I am enough.

Confidence and self-worth go hand in hand. We must feel worthy to have confidence, but we need confidence to feel worthy.

Lack of confidence and worth gets amplified when we want to make our creative projects a priority.

Let’s face it, creative projects rarely make reliable money. They tend to get pushed to the back burner until “one day” when there is time.

It is hard to take time for a creative project when other tasks feel more important. Focusing on those unaccomplished tasks or frustrated feelings stunts innovative progress.

I have difficulty letting others be frustrated without feeling like I am in the wrong. I also have a hard time delegating. Both of these deficiencies stem from low confidence and self-worth.

Do you see the cycle? It's vicious.

So what can we do? Something has to change. We are the only ones that can make it happen.

Our passion is a priority. It is a part of us that needs to be fueled.

When we take care of ourselves and feed our passions, we are better for others. We are more generous, patient and understanding. Everything else becomes a little easier because we serve from a full cup.

We can not do everything. It is okay to delegate. It is okay if something gets postponed. Let go of the guilt we pile on for taking time for ourselves.

We decide how to spend our time and energy. We are better when ourselves and our creative projects make it to the top of the list.

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