Monday, August 10, 2020

I Am Enough

The root of my anxiety can be summed up by the phrase, “I’m not enough.”

I’m not good enough.
I’m not smart enough.
I’m not strong enough.
I’m not enough.

Time and time again, I felt proven right.

I looked to others to prove my worth and tell me I’m doing alright. Very few gave me approval, most never acknowledged I was there.

It took me a long time to realize the only one who needs to think I’m enough stares back at me from the mirror.

I am strong, smart and capable. I dare anyone to prove me wrong.

Validating myself gives me power.

I set my own standards. I live up to them the best I can everyday. When I fall short, I learn. When I exceed my own expectations, I reach out to others who need a hand.

I create my own stability. I know my worth.

I am enough. 

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