Friday, August 14, 2020

Make A Different Choice

Do you ever look back and wished you'd made a different choice?

I recently spent some time contemplating my journey so far and realized how many times I have let anxiety win over the years. Instead of pushing forward, I stayed in my comfort zone. 

I can't do anything about those choices, they are in the past. But I can make different choices going forward. 

Through the years I sought knowledge. I love learning about new things. However, I have always wanted to keep my distance. This way I stay safe, but I also don't change. 

I don't want to stay safe and feel stuck. I need change. I want to make a different choice and push myself forward.

To do this, I've decided to also gain experiences. 

This means stepping out of my comfort zone and trying knew things. This means being uncomfortable and learning to adapt. 

By seeking knowledge and gaining experience, you can make a different choice.

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