Wednesday, August 19, 2020

{Mindful Moment} Enough

How do you speak to yourself? Would you speak to a friend the same way you speak in your head to yourself?

Our inner dialogue plays a big part in our opinion of ourselves. When we constantly doubt our choices and question our ideas, we tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough.

A way I have flipped the script in my head is through mantras.

Mantas are definitive statements that you repeat until you believe in your own truth.

I am strong. I am worthy. I am capable. I am loved. I am enough.

Write them down where you will see them everyday. Say them in the morning. Say them before you go to bed. Say them when you have a hard moment and just want to give up.

Turn your doubt into confidence by changing the way to speak to yourself. You are worthy. Use mantras as a way to manifest belief in yourself. You are enough.

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