Tuesday, August 18, 2020

{Nature Connection} Enough


Elk are massive, beautiful creatures. They stand in confidence and walk through the forest with grace.

An elk’s purpose is to find food, stay safe from predators and the elements, and produce more elk. In this way, elk life is simple.

Elk do not need to hoard their food, they trust they will have enough where they roam. Elk do not need to fear their surroundings, they trust they will find safe resting spots where they will be alerted to danger.

Watching elk in the wild is awe inspiring. They stand tall and proud with an envious elegance. I look at these creatures and think, “This being does not struggle with being enough. It’s alive and that means it will keep growing."

An elk has hard times when there is little food. We too have those times of struggle in our lives. This doesn’t mean we aren’t enough, it means it’s time to look a little harder and go a little further to meet our needs.

We can do that, like the elk, and not only survive, but thrive in our environment.

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