Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Autumn Equinox 2020 + Journal Questions

The Autumn Equinox offers a theme of balance. During this time, day and night are balanced, thus is light and dark.

From here the days will begin to get shorter and the nights longer. This seasonal shift brings more time for introspection and receptive energy.

Use this natural transition to encourage an exchange of energy within your own life. Make shifts to rebalance what feels off.

Look at your life through an honest lens. Do you feel stuck? Have you outgrown parts of your life? What do you need to cut or change?

When people lived closer to the Earth, the Autumn Equinox brought the harvesting of crops. This perspective of a physical harvest parallels that of your soul’s harvest.

You eat food to receive sustenance, nourishment and energy. You must also feed your soul through meditation (introspection), creative expression and connection.

To move forward, first take some time to look back and reflect over the summer season.

The reaping of a harvest brings great celebration and the blessing of abundance.

What abundance can you celebrate from your experiences this summer? What blessings have you received?

A harvest doesn’t come with effort. What accomplishments are you proud of this summer? Consider the physical, emotional and creative aspects of your life.

As we gain experiences, we learn more about ourselves and the world around us. From this knowledge we can make wise choices and grow.

What is changing within yourself and around you? How have you grown this season?

The equinox offers a theme of balance: light and dark, day and night. What is feeling in balance in your life right now?

What is feeling out of balance? Why do you think that is? Give yourself one action step to bring things back into alignment.

Another aspect of balance is between life and death. As autumn blows in, the leaves begin to die and fall from the trees. This transition is necessary to make way for new growth in the spring.

As with the trees, we must also let go of our old leaves, the old patterns and habits that no longer serve us, to make way for new experiences and growth.

What are you ready to let go of? What do you need to shed in order for new life to grow?

Harvesting big changes is a process that will help you bring balance to your life this season. You must take them in, be grateful for the lesson and accept the transformation. Your power lies in your choice to grow and change.

May this season bring balance to your life. Have compassion as you flow through the transitions. Remember, you are not alone, dear Soul. 

Peace and Love, 

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