Monday, September 7, 2020

Experience Builds Character

Understanding anxiety doesn’t mean it goes away. Instead it is about mindfulness. Part of the practice is to apply techniques to cope so you can move forward and stay in control to communicate well and make wise decisions.

Time is one of my anxiety triggers. When I feel like I’m running out of time or I have a lot to get done in a particular amount of time, I begin to panic. I stress out and hurry, which means I make mistakes and miss sometimes very obvious details. In essence, I lose my logic and become overwhelmed with emotion.

I’ve been feeling this pressure of running out of time as my stay in the Olympic National Park comes to a close. I still have three weeks, but I have to get the pieces in place for what comes next together now. There are people to see and things to do, all in a small amount of time before I head off to an unknown location. 

Thinking about these uncertainties and trying to fit everything in has triggered my anxiety associated with time. Can I do it all? Will I have enough time? Will I upset someone I love? Will I be able to accomplish my goals? Will I be good enough?

The unknowns are uncomfortable. What I do know is that I will make time for what is important. I will not have to do it alone. I get to decide. I am most definitely, without a doubt, enough.

I have lots of details to sort out in the upcoming weeks. I have a lot of aspirations and I don’t want to let myself down. I also want to take time to connect with people I care about. I don’t know exactly how it will all fit together yet. I am learning to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. This comes from experience.

Experience is how we learn and grow. Also, how we are able to have peace amidst unknowns because we know it will be okay in the end. We can process, adjust and move forward. Experience allows us to know something we didn’t before and be able to make better choices in the future.

“People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

This week’s theme is experience. May you learn lessons and find joy, and most importantly, have lots of experiences.

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