Thursday, September 17, 2020

New Moon Journal Questions and Energy Reading - September 2020


The new moon is tonight, September 17, 2020! Make time to reflect and set intentions.

Journal Questions:
  1. What is the theme for this month?
  2. Where do I need to focus?
  3. In what ways have I seen growth?
  4. What magic can I tap into?

Be honest - Reveal your true nature and desires

We are entering a time of transition. It’s time to begin turning inward and reflect over your goals for the year. In what ways have you risen to the challenge? In what ways do you still need to improve?

This is a time to choose what you truly want and expose what is standing in your way.

You will move forward in the direction you are looking. Be honest with yourself as to what you are focusing on and if that is indeed what you want to accomplish during this next season. Step in confidence on your path.

Still your mind through meditation (introspection) to reveal a message, the answer to the question lying heaviest on your heart.

During this time of transition of season, seek balance in your life between action and contemplation, just as the day seeks balance with the night.

Spend some time sitting in stillness. You can call this meditation, contemplation or introspection. Pay attention to what comes up during these moments. This is how you reveal your deepest desires as well as your greatest struggles. What’s coming up?

When we pay attention to the feelings that surface in the quiet moments, we can better understand what we really want and what is holding us back. Then we can begin taking steps to fulfill these desires and process through the blocks.

This soul work will nourish your spirit as you acknowledge what is stirring within your inner Self. By making space for these thoughts to be heard and cleared, you create room for your ideas to grow.

Set clear goals and intentions

I find the fall incredibly busy. We can get lost in all the movement. You may find that your creative desires and time for quiet gets lost in the need to take care of everyone else.

Know that you are better when you take care of yourself and the desires of your heart. Making time for soul work, to understand what you want and what is getting in your way, is a priority in your life. You will find yourself more patient, understanding and calm towards others (and yourself).

Once you understand your desires and struggles, begin to take action. Set a small goal and accomplish it. Follow your creative path by making yourself a priority. Ignite your creative confidence and it will spread into every part of your life.

Awaken your power

We are a week away from the equinox, the balance of day and night. As the power of the night begins to overtake the light, remember there is nothing to fear.

The need for introspection is great, especially during this transitioning time of year. Our senses are heightened during the twilight hours, which calls upon our sensuality, receptivity and devotion.

Spend some time at the end of your day to embrace the darkness. Rest in the calm and receive healing. When we are quiet, we allow our mind to sort the restlessness and over-stimulation of the day.

During these times of healing, you can contemplate what is coming up. Taking even just a few minutes each day to unpack emotions, fears and desires will create space for creativity to spark. These are the moments we decide our path and take steps in confidence.

There is nothing to fear in the stillness except the awakening of your own power.

May the New Moon’s energy guide you as you seek clarity, confidence and peace. Be honest with yourself. Sit in stillness. Set small goals and accomplish them. Awaken your power. This is your life and your choice. What do you choose?

I send you peace and love sweet Soul. 

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