Friday, October 2, 2020

Body. Emotion. Mind. Spirit.

“Through practicing body scan awareness meditation, we can greatly reduce the detrimental effects of stress and make our working lives pleasant and enjoyable.” ― Christopher Dines

Meditation is a concept with a wide range of ideas to what it should be. When I say meditation, I mean taking a few moments aside to be still and check in with your body, emotions, mind and spirit.

Where do you feel strong? 
Where do you feel sore or stiff? 
Do these feelings make sense? 
Could there be an emotional block creating physical pressure?

What’s coming up? 
Are fears clouding your ability to make decisions? 
What is the source?

Where are your thoughts? 
Is your mind calm or racing?
How can you bring it back to a balanced state?

How is your energy level? 
Are you feeling passionate or drained?
How can you increase or ground your energy to find calm?

These questions provide a full body, emotion, mind and spirit scan. By taking time to acknowledge what is coming up, you can find the source of triggers before they overload your system.

Doing this daily helps to regulate your energy. Create space for ideas to cultivate and ignite your creativity.

Peace and Love,

For Daily Mindful Musings

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