Monday, October 5, 2020

Uncomfortable Willingness


"Growth and healing happen when we let go of trying to be constantly comfortable and safe and instead step into uncomfortable willingness." - Heatherash Amara

It is human nature to desire safety. We want some assurance that everything is going to work out. Many of choices (or inability to choose) come from a desire to be secure and comfortable. 

Anxiety often triggers when we are unsure of our path. Our minds scream that the unknown is not safe, so we’d better play it safe and keep ourselves comfortable.

However, when you sit comfortably, you are not able to move forward. After a while, your world has moved around you. You remain stuck, unable to let yourself feel uncomfortable enough to move with it.

Growth and healing stall when we remain idle. To manifest your dreams you must be willing to let go of always being comfortable. Face your fear head on and step forward with a willingness to learn and grow.

How can you take a step out of your comfort zone today?

Peace and Love,

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