I chose Patreon as my platform because it allows me to actively give back to you for your support. I like the continuous connection of the month-to-month membership model because I can consistently create content to share experiences, tools and wisdom with you. It also opens up the option for me connect with you on the level that you choose. 

Patreon works in a three-tier membership model. 

Tier 1 - Balancing Tree Burrow
($3 per month)  - Join the conversation!

You will have early access to content and exclusive material just for patrons. I post daily "Mindful Musings" that include stories, journal questions, emotional coping techniques, poetry, quotes, writing tips, creative prompts and more.

Tier 2 - Balancing Tree Companion
($9 per month) - Let's do this together!

Not only will you be part of "The Burrow," but you will also receive check-ins aligning with the moon cycle (twice a month), which I call the "Harness Your Energy" Guide. 

I post journal questions and an energy reading each New and Full Moon to encourage you to check in, set intentions and bring your goals to completion. Ignite your creativity and regulate your energy so you can finish your project and feel good doing it.

Tier 3 - Balancing Tree Confidant
($18 per month) - Let's partner up!

Not only will you be part of "The Burrow" and get the bi-monthly "Harness Your Energy Guide," you will also become a colleague.

We can help each other move forward in our work. I propose to do this by:

A 1:1 call each month to connect, brainstorm about your project, talk about your specific emotional blocks, and get support for your work. Together we'll find creative solutions to confidently move you forward in your work and life.

Plus, you'll get sneak peeks at my works-in-progress and invitations to "beta read" my upcoming publications.

Your support allows me to spend more time writing and to invest in resources to produce quality content that promotes emotional health to ignite your creativity. 

My first goal is to upgrade my email service to include more features when I reach $30 per month through Patreon supporters.

This is a huge stage of growth for me and Balancing Tree Press. Thank you for sharing my journey so far. Please consider supporting my work through Patreon so I can keep the momentum going.

Thank you, Supporter!

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